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Outsourced CFO Services

Every business needs a cfo but not every company needs a full-time cfo

CFO Services

  • An Interim or Part-time CFO could step in and take care of the CFO function in a business in many cases
  • An Interim CFO is someone experienced who steps in a Company to give a hand in cases of upcoming key projects or developments, like M&A activities, new bank loans, internal restructurings, IPOs or bond issuances, entering new international markets, and other key business events for a business. The Interim CFO is usually needed for a period of min. 3 and max 12 months
  • A part-time CFO service could be used in cases where someone needs to step in and cover the CFO function in a Company when a full-time hire on a permanent contract is not needed. The Part-time CFO could take care of the CFO job on a temporary contract with fixed hours of min. 20 hours per month and max. 15 hours per week
Advantages of hiring an interim or part-time cfo

CFO Services

  • Experience: A strong team of professionals with extensive experience in corporate finance
  • Security: Pre-agreed monthly hours that will be devoted only to the specific Company and work on pre-agreed targets
  • Flexibility:  An advisory contract that could be terminated at any point in time, i.e. no need for a permanent hire with permanent engagement. Control of CFO-related costs at any time
  • Cost cuts:  No costs associated with salaries, insurance, and other employee-related expenses. No compensations due in case of contract termination
  • Results:  Experienced professionals will help your team go through the processes of budgeting, new loan approvals, IPOs or bond issuance, prepare you company for a merger, or assist you with going through a restructuring