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Financial and Business Consulting

Supporting business owners and managers towards success

Corporate Finance Services for Managers & Shareholders

  • Advice and assistance with business planning
  • Preparation of Business plans and Budgets for both internal and external needs
  • Preparations of Presentations, Pitch Books, Teasers and other materials to be used internally or with partners, investors and other stakeholders
  • Detailed analysis of competition, a specific business or business segment, market segment, industry or new geographic region of interest
  • Cost optimization analysis, budgeting and financial forecasts
  • Analysis of key business indicators, incl. business-specific KPIs and financial performance
  • Project-specific analysis
Advice and assistance with strategic transactions like mergers, acquisitions, attracting new investors and partners, new business development

Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Development

  • Preparation of Investment Memorandums, Business Analysis & Valuations, Pitch Documents, Investor Presentations, and all other marketing and financial materials required for the specific transaction
  • Assistance with preparation of lists of potential investors and partners
  • Leading the negotiation process with potential investors and/ or partners, target companies and their shareholders
  • Managing the transaction process, including final documentation stage and Transaction closing
  • Liaising and working closely with other professional advisors, like lawyers, auditors, etc. (if required)
Advice and assistance with starting a new business

Company Set-ups and Initial Planning

  • Assistance with initial business idea formation and analysis, company structuring, business plans, and budgets
  • Preparation of materials required for shareholders, investors, business and financing partners, incl. presentations, pitch decks, teasers, and other marketing materials
  • Assistance with obtaining initial financing
  • Help with Company Formation in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta & Luxembourg
  • On-going assistance with maintenance of Companies registered outside Bulgaria, including management of relations and communication with domiciliation agents, banks, accountants, auditors, lawyers, and institutions